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DDS Engineering (India) Private Limited (DDS) is a growing multi-dimensional technical and detailed-engineering consultancy firm. DDS provides services in the field of PROCESS, PIPING, MECHANICAL, ELECTRICAL & INSTRUMENTATION Engineering.

Company Profile:

DDS Engineering Solutions LLP (DDS) is a multi-dimensional technical and detailed engineering consultancy firm located in Surat, Gujarat State. It was started in September 2013.

DDS Engineering (India) Private Limited (DDS) was started in June 2021.

DDS is well-recognized for its dedicated services to the Polyester industry (CP, POY/FDY/PSF and DTY and Extruder Spinning).

DDS is made up of professionally qualified technical people that have served world-class synthetic polyester filament yarn and polymerization plants for 25 years.

DDS provides engineering services in the areas of PROCESS, PIPING, MECHANICAL and ELECTRICAL & INSTRUMENTATION Engineering. Our team has experience in the areas of Engineering, Project management and shop floor.

DDS offers a complete solution as an Engineering Design Contractor, right from product selection, technology selection, and plant engineering to execution and start-up, Detail Design, and engineering of OSBL. Plant design, optimisation, modifications, energy-saving solutions, product improvement and process audits, improvement in operating procedures, and utility revamping are our other key deliverables (expertise in DuPont – Chemtex CPs, Zimmer, CTIEI, Huitong, Polytex, Joyou, John Brown).

We are an ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 certified company


To be one of the leading facilities providers for value-added products and services at optimum cost and globally acceptable quality standards, resulting in ultimate customer satisfaction.


To be a globally accepted centre of excellence in our services, catalysing absorption, innovation, diffusion, and transfer of high-quality products,
resulting in:

  • Enhanced satisfaction for all the stakeholders
  • Optimized work
  • Continual Improvement and Innovation
  • Effective utilization of resources


  • Dedication
  • Committed
  • Punctuality
  • Quality
  • Consistency


Ravi Sekhar (Director):

  • Textile Engineer.
  • Rich experience of 20+ years in Texturizing and Yarn industries like Indorama, Alok Industries and Sunflag Thailand.
  • He was the CEO & Head of Marketing of a Chemical manufacturing company and the Head of the Textile Division abroad as well as in India during his earlier tenures.
  • Extensive shop floor experience in Texturizing & Yarn production, Engineering, R&D and management
  • Well-versed in global industry work practices and efficiencies.
  • He has worked in the Customer Technical Service cell and travelled all across the globe.
  • Has advocated many technical innovations resulting in cost savings and an increase in productivity, especially in Yarn production.
  • He has done numerous product developments in Yarn, which have won the world.

Jiten Dhobi (Engineering Head):

  • Chemical Engineer from Shri S’ad Vidya Mandal Institute of Technology, Bharuch, India.
  • Has extensive experience of 9+ years of Shop Floor, Project Management, and Administration from Garden Silk Mills, Nakoda Industries and 2 years of consultancy experience at Oerlikon Barmag Engineering [did erection and commissioning of 600 tpd CP at Dhunseri Petrochem (Haldia, India) and 2 x 600 tpd CP at EIPET (Egypt)].
  • Has so far commissioned 13 Continuous Polymerization plants, executed many debottlenecking schemes, and instituted many product developments.
  • Has experience with Dupont (Chemtex), Zimmer, CTIEI, Huitong, John Brown, and Joyou CP Technologies.

Neeraj Dhavse (Director):

  • Chemical Engineer from Laxminarayan Institute of Technology, Nagpur, India.
  • Has extensive experience of 20+ years of Shop Floor, Project Management and Administration from Indorama, Garden Silk Mills, Bhilosa Industries and 3 years of consultancy experience in Oerlikon Barmag Engineering.
  • He has headed a grass-root CP project of 55 MUS$ from its inception to execution, well within the budget and well ahead of the time limit, and later worked in the capacity of Plant-Site Head with warehouse to warehouse responsibilities.
  • Has so far commissioned 8 Continuous Polymerization plants, introduced many energy saving schemes and promoted many capex modifications and debottlenecking schemes, and instituted many product developments.
  • Has experience with Dupont (Chemtex), Zimmer, CTIEI, Huitong, John Brown, Joyou CP Technologies.

Girma Makonnen (Technical Expert):

  • Chemical Engineer from Germany.
  • Has vast Engineering and Project Management experience.
  • He got retired from Oerlikon Barmag as Technical Head for the CP and Polymer Melt Transfer Line.
  • Handles basic designs and design calculations for Polymer melt transfer line and CP; operates from Germany.

We are equipped with highly experienced professionals in all dimensions and disciplines, and as required, we seek support from our associates.


Engineering Services:

We provide full-scale plant engineering services, from conception to start-up. We undertake projects of all kinds: large-scale, small-scale, green field, revamping, or modification projects.

DDS has expertise in Polyester Industry (PES) and provides end-to-end integrated engineering services to various manufacturers and industrial clients globally. Our innovative approach, specialised knowledge on Process engineering, exposure to various industry domains, and use of various engineering tools and techniques helps us to deliver comprehensive solutions for Detail Design and Engineering, procurement and project installations.

Our Detail Engineering Services portfolio includes following:

  1. Detail design
  2.  Process engineering
  3. Electrical and Instrumentation (E&I) engineering
  4. OSBL- Utilities design and engineering
  5. Equipment design and engineering
  6. Piping engineering
  7. Pipe stress analysis
  8. Material handling
  9. 3D-Modelling
  10. Reverse engineering
  11. As Built engineering
  12. Design of Vessels, Filters, Heat Exchangers and Fabrication
  13. Fire engineering

Project Management and Field Services:

DDS provides services for Project planning and execution. We also cater to Field services through our resources.

Our Project Management and Field-Services portfolio includes following:

  1. Project planning, budgeting, execution, procurement, erection supervision and site management
  2. Plant pre-commissioning and commissioning
  3. Speedy implementation of projects within set time frame and budget
  4. Set up CAPEX and effective implementation
  5. Inspection services

Industrial Services:

With extensive experience on Shop floor and in project executions, we are equipped to provide various Industrial services.

We assist in identifying opportunities, risks, compliance, and safety requirements for our clients and we work in close alignment with them, thereby tailoring our execution strategies and solutions to suit the exact needs of each project.

Our Industrial Services portfolio includes following:

  1. Product development
  2. Energy saving audits and solutions
  3. Safety audits
  4. Waste reduction and recycling
  5. Improve plant utilisation and efficiency
  6. Enhancing product quality and consistency
  7. Improve stuffing and effective warehousing
  8. Time and motion study for optimum utilisation of human resources

Specialized Services:

Melt Polymer Transfer Line Design:

DDS has gained expertise in Polymer Transfer Line Design.

Polymer transfer line transports melt polymer from continuous polymerisation (CP) plant to yarn spinning machines – POY/FDY/PSF.

The temperature of Polymer is more than 280˚C and the pressure is more than 150 bar. At such a high temperatures and pressures, polymer quality deteriorates until it reaches the spinning machines.

To have uniform quality of polymer at all spinning positions, an accurate design of Polymer melt transfer line is very significant and consequential. A special pressure drop and residence time calculation (PDRTC) is devised to achieve uniform residence time for polymer, reaching every spinning machine.

In earlier days, CP capacities used to be small—about 200 TPD and distribution length of melt polymer to spinning machines was short. With the increase in CP capacities, for direct melt spinning, the number of spinning machines has increased, the network of polymer lines has become complex and extensive, and the lengths have become longer. To achieve uniform residence time for such large capacities, DDS has developed unique software and techniques. Stress analysis of all the Polymer melt lines and the heating HTM lines needs to be performed.

Currently, DDS is the leading designer for the Polymer Melt Transfer Line in India.

Over the last 6 years, we have successfully designed many Polymer Melt Transfer Lines.

Recently, DDS completed the detail-engineering of Polymer Transfer Line for Bhilosa Industries, for its CP4/5 Project (1680 tpd- POY/FDY/PSF) and it has been running successfully. We have satisfactorily completed transfer line jobs at WellKnown Polyester, Sanathan Textiles, DNH Spinners, Aditya Birla, Koza Polyester and the addition of Polymer cooler in SASA, redesigning some of the existing transfer lines at Indorama Indonesia.
At present, we are working on the detailed design of Polymer Transfer Line for Bhilosa’s CP2/3/6 (1650 TPD POY/FDY), Beekaylong, 300 mt FDY Transfer line work at GSMPL (through Oerlikon).

Continuous Polymerisation (CP) Plant:

DDS has ventured into Basic and Detail designing of  Continuous Polymerisation (CP) Plant .

Recently, DDS executed a CP project of 70 tpd capacity, which is running successfully.

DDS has designed all the rectors and equipment.

DDS has done its complete detail engineering.

DDS is now equipped with facilities to cater CP plants of various capacities, up to 400 tpd.

Texturizing Oil plant:

DDS has developed the technical know-how of a Texturizing Oil plant (also known as a Conning Oil plant for DTY Machines).

DDS has successfully done the basic design and detail engineering of a 100 tpd Texturizing Oil Plant, which is operating successfully with consistent quality. It had a very optimal payback.

DDS can cater to Texturizing Oil plant of any capacity.

Other Expertise:

• We have a team with expertise in the areas of HTM Heaters and Steam Boilers and revamping of Utilities.
• We undertake reverse engineering projects for polyester plants.
• We offer Laser scanning.
• We offer CP process audits, parameter optimization, de-bottlenecking.
• Skids, Modules, Static Equipment, Rotating Equipment, Fabrication Drawings, Stress Analysis, As Built Engineering.

We facilitate the following:

• Mechanical erection and piping, electrical, and instrumentation installation services.
• Vessel fabrication, heavy equipment erection, and other equipment erection.
• We have a good network with various fabricators across India, which can provide very cost-effective equipment and systems.


• Hysis/Pro-II for simulation
• HTRI for heat exchangers

• PV Elite for pressure vessel design

• AutoCad Plant 3D – detail modeling softwares
• Ceaser II-stress analysis
• Autodesk AutoCAD / CADMATE – drafting
• STADD-Pro for structure design and analysis


  • We have recently completed the detailed engineering of Polymer Transfer Line for Bhilosa CP4/5 Project (1680 tpd- POY/FDY/PSF).
  • Currently, we are doing redesigning of Polymer Melt Line for the Bhilosa CP1 plant and detail design and engineering of the CP2/3/6 (1630 tpd-POY/FDY) Polymer Transfer Line.
  • We have successfully completed similar jobs in WellKnown Polyester, Sanathan Textiles, DNH Spinners, Koza Polyester, Aditya Birla and the addition of Polymer cooler in SASA.
  • We have done residual detail engineering for Wellknown Polyester PSF plant.
  • We have done a CP detail design project of 70 tpd capacity.
  • We have done OSBL Engineering for Sumilon Industries for their 750 TPD polyester plant from OBHE. This also includes Film line (Dornier) ISBL & OSBL Piping & Electrical engineering work.
  • We have supplied technical know-how and detailed design for the Texturising Oil plant.
  • We are process consultants to Bhilosa and some extruder POY spinners/texturisers in Sri Lanka, and we did process consulting for APF Indonesia.

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