Melt Polymer Transfer Line Design

Melt Polymer Transfer Line Design

DDS has gained expertise in Polymer Transfer Line Design.

Polymer transfer line transports polymer from continuous polymerisation (CP) plant to yarn spinning machines – POY/FDY/PSF.

Temperature of Polymer is more than 280˚C and pressure is more than 150 bar. At such a high temperature and pressure, polymer quality deteriorates until it reaches to the spinning machines.

To have uniform quality of polymer at all spinning positions, accurate design of Polymer melt transfer line is very significant and consequential. A special pressure drop and residence time calculations (PDRTC) are devised to achieve uniform residence time for polymer, reaching to every spinning machine.

In earlier days, CP capacities used to be small, of about maximum 200 TPD and distribution length of melt polymer to spinning machines was short. With increase in CP capacities, for direct melt spinning, number of spinning machines have increased and network of polymer line has become complex and extensive and lengths have become longer. To achieve uniform residence time for such large capacities, DDS has developed unique softwares and techniques. Stress analysis of all Polymer melt lines and heating HTM lines needs to be performed.

Currently DDS is the leading designer for Polymer Melt Transfer Line in India.

Over the last 6 years, we have successfully designed many Polymer Melt Transfer Lines.

Recently, DDS completed detail-engineering of Polymer Transfer Line for Bhilosa Industries, for its CP4/5 Project (1680 tpd- POY/FDY/PSF) and it has been running successfully. We have satisfyingly completed transfer line jobs in WellKnown Polyester, Sanathan Textiles, DNH Spinners, Aditya Birla, Koza Polyester. At present, we are working on detail-design of Polymer Transfer Line for Bhilosa’s existing CP1 plant and Polymer cooler replacement job at SASA Turkey.